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The Highest Anticipated Games of E3 2015

E3, the event that gamers look forward to from the beginning of the year. E3 is an event in which every big name game companies get together and unveil their plans for the year. Last year we had Watch Dogs, The Crew, and Halo 5; but what lies ahead of us in 2015?

This year there are four big names to look at. Square Enix, Nintendo, Rockstar, and yes, Bethesda. This year Bethesda is holding their first conference at E3. There are tons of rumors going around, trying to predict what Bethesda may have to say. From Dishonored II to Fallout 4, anything you could imagine they may announce. We are all hoping that we will finally get Fallout 4, but how likely is that? While it is possible that we may see the fourth installation of the Fallout series, rumored to be set in Boston, we could very likely see an entirely new series announced. There is actually a good chance that we may see a new series, along with a completely new engine.

It is rumored that Rockstar could have two very big name games to announce. Do you remember Bully, the teenage version of Grand Theft Auto? Well, it was released in 2006, so would not it seem fitting for a ten year anniversary announcement? The two ideas behind this consist of either a remastered version or Bully 2. Not only could we see news on Bully but Read Dead. Many people seem to forget the first installation in the series,Read Dead Revolver, which is really upsetting, but Red Dead Redemption was pretty fantastic nonetheless. Could we see a Red Dead 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2?

This year could be the year that we see Metroid Wii U. We’ve already seen Zelda and Smash Bros.for the Wii U, so is this the year that Metroidis announced? This seems highly likely. Nintendo has confirmed that Metroid Wii U will be a thing, they just have yet to tell us when.

We can’t forget Square Enix. This year Square Enix could be the biggest name to watch, with theexception of Bethesda. Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 have already been announced, but this year we can see more information dropped. Final Fantasy 15 has been years in the making, and fans everywhere are extremely excited to see a new drop in a seemingly never-ending series. For fans of the Kingdom Heartsseries, like myself, this year could also have a lot in hold for us. Last year Kingdom Hearts 3didn’t get talked about that much, so could our thirst for another one finally be quenched?

Top Games for Mid-range Laptops

If you’re looking for top games for mid-range laptops, you’re in luck, since this is often the sweet spot when it comes to finding a balance between gaming at your best and not breaking the bank. This is especially the case for laptops since they are even more expensive to get at a higher spec and to upgrade. Here are a few games at the top of this range.


This game is good in the mid-range because, while you can play it at a lower range technically, it will really be smoother to play if you have a mid-range laptop. In this game, you take blocks and stack them together in order to build anything you want.


This game is perfect for mid-range because the graphics are simple enough for laptops that are a bit behind the cutting edge. It’s basically like a clone of Diablo. You play a character diving into dungeons in order to collect items and beat a series of bosses. You click to fight and you have a series of abilities controllable with the mouse and number keys. It’s action RPG at its mid-range finest.

Diablo 2

This game was at the height of the cutting edge when it first came out, but now that things hae progressed a bit, it’s now much easier to play in the mid-range level. It came out way before Torchlight, even though Torchlight was definitely never at the cutting edge. So if you’ve never gotten a chance to play Diablo 2, it’s one of the best games of all time for a reason. Now is the perfect time to play.

It’s always best to check the specs of your laptop before trying out a new game in order to make sure nothing bad happens. But with that said, your mid-range device should handle any of these games just fine.