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Top Games for Mid-range Laptops

If you’re looking for top games for mid-range laptops, you’re in luck, since this is often the sweet spot when it comes to finding a balance between gaming at your best and not breaking the bank. This is especially the case for laptops since they are even more expensive to get at a higher spec and to upgrade. Here are a few games at the top of this range.


This game is good in the mid-range because, while you can play it at a lower range technically, it will really be smoother to play if you have a mid-range laptop. In this game, you take blocks and stack them together in order to build anything you want.


This game is perfect for mid-range because the graphics are simple enough for laptops that are a bit behind the cutting edge. It’s basically like a clone of Diablo. You play a character diving into dungeons in order to collect items and beat a series of bosses. You click to fight and you have a series of abilities controllable with the mouse and number keys. It’s action RPG at its mid-range finest.

Diablo 2

This game was at the height of the cutting edge when it first came out, but now that things hae progressed a bit, it’s now much easier to play in the mid-range level. It came out way before Torchlight, even though Torchlight was definitely never at the cutting edge. So if you’ve never gotten a chance to play Diablo 2, it’s one of the best games of all time for a reason. Now is the perfect time to play.

It’s always best to check the specs of your laptop before trying out a new game in order to make sure nothing bad happens. But with that said, your mid-range device should handle any of these games just fine.

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