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Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $1000

What to Look for in a Cheap Gaming Laptop

A laptop is perfect for note-taking and those difficult, long term papers. Of course time away from the research and studying can be perfect to keep your mind sharp. In order to have fun and enjoy your gaming experience, check out Acer Gaming Laptops under $500.

The best Acer gaming laptops has the perfect graphics to meet your gaming needs. Check out laptops Intel HD Graphics 4400, which can complement low-voltage processors and render high-quality images with low power consumption. It is important to ensure you keep the fun gaming going, so find a laptop with strong battery life. The best laptops have six hours, or at the very leaast fourhours,of batterylife. If you want to game and keep your high scores make sure to find one with a 6GB system memory for multitasking. Several laptops on the market offer multitouch screen for hands-on control.

While looking for laptops, check out ones that offer a 1TB hard drive. This hard drive offers plenty of room to store your media. NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics ensure content is presented on a backlit display. Do not worry about keeping up with your teammates or trash talking your foes. Some laptops have a built-in high definition webcam. This webcam can have a resolution of 1280 x 720 allowing you to easily talk with friends and family. It is easy to find a light laptop, some weighing as little as 7 pounds and 1.4″ thin. An HDMI output lets you pipe HD content and high quality audio to an HDTV.

Acer Gaming Laptops under $500 can be perfect for those who want to enjoy a positive gaming experiencebut are on a budget. These laptops offer all the amenities of their counterparts that are twice as much. Check out acer gaming laptops and enjoy a better gaming experience.

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